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Year: 2020 | Month: June and December | Volume 8 | Issue 1 and 2

Radiological Assesment of Congenital and Developmental Neck Lesions in Paediatric Patients

Sarita Chowdhary Shyamendra Pratap Sharma Pranay Panigrahi Abdul Faisal S.P. Sharma Ashish Verma


Background: Some combination of different imaging modalities is often necessary in the diagnosis and / or management of a pediatric neck mass. The decision of which imaging modality to order often requires discussion with the radiologist as well as careful consideration of factors, such as radiation exposure, cost and accessibility. Objective: The present study was undertaken with the following objective to assess the morphology and structural characteristics of developmental and congenital mass lesions of neck in pediatric patients on high resolution Ultrasonography (USG), Colour Doppler flow study, Computed Tomography (CT-scan) and Magentic Radiography Imaging (MRI). Materials & Methods: This study was carried out in the department of Paediatric surgery, from June 2017 to June 2019 with help of Department of Radiodiagnosis. Thirty eight pediatric patients with congenital/developmental neck mass lesions were evaluated on USG and Colour Doppler Flow study among which some of them underwent CT and MRI. Results: Most common age group in present study was 0-4 years with slight female predominance (male : female ratio of 6:8). The most common neck mass lesion in present study was cystic hygroma making 28.9% of total disease burden followed by thyroglossal duct cyst (18.4%) and lymphovenous malformation (15.8%). On Sonography most of the lesions were found to be multiloculated with thick internal septas (45.5%). Variable CT scan and MRI features are present in different congenital neck lesions.
Conclusion: Imaging is increasingly demanded for its investigation and differentiating the nature of the mass, establishing and narrowing the diagnostic possibilities, and evaluate the anatomic extent for those lesions requiring surgical treatment.

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