Year: 2020 | Month: June | Volume 9 | Issue 1

Fibrinogen in COVID-19: Interpreting From Current Evidence

Surabhi Jain H. Subhashini Gunjan Kumari Ananthu Narayan Arvind Kumar Piyush Ranjan Upendra Baitha Prayas Sethi Naveet Wig


COVID 19 has emerged as a global pandemic with high morbidity and mortality. Continuous research and understanding of the disease has led to formulation of various guidelines for the patient management. Fibrinogen plays an essential role in pathology, both as an acute phase reactant and a procoagulant. Baseline and the monitoring of the levels may help in prediction of the prothrombotic or the pro hemorrhagic states. And hence, the interpretation of fibrinogen along with clinical picture, d dimers and coagulation parameters may help in better judgement of the patient situation.

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