Open access means that your work will always be freely available to the world from our NDP website. And open access translates into greater usage and more citations.
Results Published FAST
JAM couples efficient and objective peer review with a streamlined electronic production workflow.
Rigorous peer-review
Too often a journal’s decision to publish a paper is dominated by what the Editor/s think is interesting and will gain greater readership-both of which are subjective judgments and lead to decisions which are frustrating and delay the publication of your work. JAM will rigorously peer-review your submissions and publish all papers that are judged to be technically sound. Judgments about the importance of any particular paper are then made after publication by the readership (who are the most qualified to determine what is of interest to them).
Inclusive scope
Most conventional journals publish papers from tightly defined subject areas, making it more difficult for readers from other disciplines to read them. JAM has no such barriers, which helps your research reach the entire scientific community.
JAM is indexed in 40+ International Universities and many other Indexing agencies which will make your research work available to many readers and more citations.

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